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Baltimore Murder Defense Lawyers

A murder charge is the most serious criminal charge that can be levied against a person. While Maryland as a state does not allow the death penalty, the possibility of being sent to prison for life without parole is a terrible thing to have hanging over your head.

Defending yourself against a murder charge is similarly stressful and complicated. For instance, many people don’t hire attorneys at the beginning of a murder investigation for fear of making themselves look guilty. But the truth is that putting up a good defense against a murder charge takes the expertise of practiced murder defense attorneys.

Types of Murder Charges

There are several types of crimes that you might be charged with in the event of another person’s wrongful or accidental death:

  • First and second-degree murder are the most serious charges that you might face.
  • Manslaughter charges may be pressed in the event of an accidental death.
  • Vehicular homicide charges can be pressed after the death of a person in a vehicular accident.
  • Attempted murder charges can still be quite serious even if no one died.

Skilled criminal defense attorneys know how to navigate both state and federal laws regarding murder charges. They can help you determine what charges you face, and how to lower the charges to more defensible or manageable states.

The Possible Consequences of a Murder Charge

It’s obvious that being charged with a crime like murder can be incredibly stressful and wreak havoc on your life. Even before considering the possible sentences, those accused of murder or similar charges have to deal with:

  • The court of public opinion – it’s not always favorable to those charged with murder and can result in serious harassment or social.
  • Consequences.
  • Familial or marital distress.
  • Financial issues, particularly as bills mount up.
  • Intimidation from law enforcement.

Having a rock-solid case is important for sentencing as well. Innocent people accused of murder can face possible imprisonment ranging from decades to life without parole. Getting a good team of criminal defense lawyers on your side is critical if you want to avoid this fate.

How Can a Baltimore Criminal Defense Lawyer Help?

The fight to stop a murder charge from ruining your life begins with the investigation of the crime, not just when attorneys get involved in the courtroom. A good team of legal experts can help you immediately by investigating the crime themselves, and by protecting you against any intimidation attempts that might be made by the police or other State officials.

Furthermore, criminal defense lawyers who specialize in murder charges can craft a defense case that ensures you don’t the maximum penalty… or that can save you from penalties at all.