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Baltimore DUI Defense Attorneys

Baltimore DUI attorneys

Driving under the influence in Maryland can be a serious crime, which is why many prosecutors are especially aggressive in their attempt to punish drunk drivers, even if their targets are innocent. Being arrested for a DUI similar sentence can lead to serious criminal penalties or the loss of your license. It’s important that you understand how to protect your rights using experienced criminal defense lawyers who can sway the court in your favor.


DUI stands for “driving under the influence”, while DWI stands for “driving while intoxicated”. OUI stands for “operating under the influence”, and usually refers to someone operating heavy machinery or another dangerous mechanical device while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Ultimately, all three charges can be quite serious, and can lead to terrible penalties. Understanding the intricacies and differences of each type of case, and how best to defend against them, is crucial if you want your best chance at avoiding consequences, even if you’re totally innocent.

All three charges are criminal defense cases that our team at MeadLaw can handle.

First Offenses

First offenses for DUI, or similar charges, don’t carry the enhanced penalties that repeated offenders experience. But they can still be quite serious. Fighting an unfair DUI charge is already difficult enough, even if your driving record is totally clean and you don’t have any prior arrests. That’s why having experienced DUI defense attorneys on your side is important.

This is especially true because Maryland law states that any driver with blood-alcohol content registering at 0.08 or above gets automatically charged with a first offense DUI crime. With the right legal representation, you can avoid penalties for this first-time charge and keep a clean driving record. It all depends on the court case and available evidence, not just the results from the breathalyzer test.

Potential Penalties

It’s very important to have top-tier legal representation for your DUI case. In Maryland, even first-time DUI charges can result in penalties of up to $1000 in fines and up to one year in jail.

Furthermore, repeat offenders have even greater penalties on the line, including multiple years in jail, revocation of their license for longer stretches of time or even permanently, and higher fines. Keeping your driving record clean and avoiding a first conviction at all is the best way to avoid the possibility of those harsher penalties.

How DUI Defense Attorneys Can Help

Experienced DUI defense attorneys can help put together a rock-solid case for your DUI charge. That’s because they know the rules the police officers are supposed to rely on whenever they stop someone for a DUI investigation. They can poke holes in procedure, point out unlawful actions by the officers in question, or use other tactics to make the charge questionable in court.

Furthermore, top-tier DUI defense lawyers know everything there is to know about field sobriety tests and proper protocols. With their help, you can avoid a conviction for your first or later DUI charges.

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