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Baltimore Drug Possession Attorneys

Baltimore drug possession defense

Being charged with drug possession, or a similar crime, can change your life and open you up to harsh penalties. Because of the danger of heavy fines or imprisonment, it’s too risky to handle your court case without the assistance of a skilled criminal Baltimore City defense lawyer at your side.

Drug Possession in Maryland

This is the most common type of drug crime in the country. It’s true that you can be charged and sent to prison for merely possessing less than a gram of marijuana or similar drugs. Baltimore, for instance, is the leading city for marijuana arrests in general in the state. The police are always on the lookout for new people to prosecute. This is despite the State legislature relaxing marijuana regulations over the last few years; police simply aren’t cooperating at this time.

Fortunately, it gives criminal defense drug attorneys ways to defend you if you’ve been unlawfully charged with drug possession, or if there was a breach in protocol during the arrest.

Possession with Intent to Distribute (PWID)

Also called drug trafficking, this charge is incredibly serious. This hasn’t stopped police from overcharging the crime to bump up their felony counts. But being charged with a felony case like PWID doesn’t mean you’ll be convicted. With the right defense attorneys on your side, the court can throw your case and give you a second chance.

How Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help

By understanding every facet of criminal law, especially as it pertains to drug possession and other drug-related charges, criminal defense attorneys can help you escape jail time, life-ruining fines, and much more. Furthermore, they can ensure that your record doesn’t get the black mark of felonies like drug possession or PWID, which can make it difficult to find employment in the future or make you more likely to be charged again on another “random” stop.

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At MeadLaw, we have the experience and dedication to step into a courthouse with you and change the story. We won’t just settle for a subpar plea bargain, either; we’ll work tirelessly to get charges dropped and work to find a way to secure your freedom. Don’t hesitate to contact us ASAP. You get a free consultation so we can examine your case and look at your options as soon as you call.